Inclusion North

Back to Your Roots

Back to your Roots was a challenge for local self advocacy organisations to get back to the campaigning side of self advocacy and really change something in their community.

The Advocacy and Leadership project held live broadcasts across the internet in Leeds and Sheffield with local self advocate leaders talking about campaigning. We had 138 groups or individuals watched the 1st live broadcast from all over England with some groups hired rooms and watched it on big screens. Over 300 people have watch the film since.

During the live broadcast we encouraged self advocates and strong leaders to share ideas on changing the things that were important in their lives. We asked them to do this via Twitter, Facebook, text,emails and the live chat room.

To encourage people to get involved with the live video broadcast, we did a newsflash every week on what we had learned about campaigning.

In total we made 18 broadcasts and had over 1630 views.

Here is a video clip of our first Newsflash

Click here to see the 1st Live broadcast from the 21st July 2011 in Leeds

Click Here to see the Live broadcast from Sheffield

Click here to see all the Advocacy and Leadership broadcasts.

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