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Advocacy and Leadership Project

On this page you can find out about a project that ran from 2009 to 2012. There are resources to help-self advocates and advocacy groups.

Advocacy and Leadership Project

The Advocacy and Leadership project lasted two years. It was funded by Valuing People Now, part of the Department of Health.

There were two parts to the project.

  1. First, the Co-ordinators worked with people to find out what leadership and advocacy was like around the country. They also found out what people thought was important to do next.
  2. Then they worked on four big projects to help local people to speak up more.

There were 2 Advocacy and Leadership Coordinators working part time on this project.

Advocacy and Leadership Project
Gary Bourlet and Ian Margerison the Advocacy and Leadership Coordinators

Here are some of the things the project worked on:

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