Inclusion North

Local work with Members

On this page you can find out about the extra local work that Inclusion North does with its Members.

Local work with Members

We work with Members to help them reach their local targets. This work is on top of the support Members get through our Workplan.

What we are doing now

Bradford Support Planning Champions

Kate Fulton and Kathleen Ainsley (an Inclusion North Parent Advisor) have been supporting self-advocates, family members and people in the community and voluntary sector to understand self-directed support and design good local support for people who have individual budgets. The Support Planning Champions will offer help to people and families who are planning and creating their own support. This approach builds on peer support and uses the experience of people and families.

Safeguarding and Hate Crime - good support for victims

We are working in local areas to understand how people with learning disabilities can get the right support from community groups and the justice system when they have experienced disability hate crime or harassment.

We have helped the Tees-wide Safeguarding Board to work out how victims get the right support from the criminal justice system, community supports and safeguarding.

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