Inclusion North

Workplan for Members

On this page you can find out about the Workplan we make each year.

Workplan for Members

Inclusion North makes a Workplan each year. This plan is based on what our Members, Board of Directors and Advisory Council say we should do.

We keep talking to our Members about what is important to them.

They have told us to:

  • Offer more support to make changes locally and use the money well
  • Help Partnership Boards & their partners understand and deal with all the new ways of working
  • Make sure people with Learning Disabilities and their families are included in the changes
  • Carry on doing work to help people be part of the community, be leaders and support each other, check on and influence services, have choice and control, understand right & choices.

Members take part in the learning and projects in the workplan. They also get local support to swap ideas and skills.

Click on the file below for the latest workplan


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