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Kirsty Morgan

This page tells you about Kirsty who is a Project Support Coordinator

Kirsty Morgan

Kirsty is a Project Support Coordinator

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I have worked with people with learning disabilities for the past 20yrs.

Initially this was in hospital and larger community settings but for the past 15yrs I have been managing and developing support networks in the North East for KeyRing. I was also responsible for delivering a self advocacy support service across North Yorkshire.

My focus has always been on the individual and working to ensure they have everything in place to live the life they want. Information, choices, good support networks and community all play a part in this and are forever changing. The self advocates I worked with continued to highlight to me the importance of this being a reality for everyone with a learning disability and that there was more to be done to achieve this.

I am on secondment with Inclusion North for 12months and work part time. The rest of my time is spent looking after my family and enjoying life at the coast.

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