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Kellie Woodley

This page tells you about Kellie, who is a Project Manager.

Kellie Woodley

Kellie is a Project Manager

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I started working with people with learning disabilities when I was at college, I was helping out in a local special school and loved it. From there I have worked in lots of different services where people live or spend their time.

After seeing some support which I thought wasn’t good enough i decided to work in an advocacy organisation. I have spent many years since then working with people and their support to think about what makes a good a life and helping people figure out how to get that.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about self-directed support and how best we can support people to make best use of the system to design and lead the support they receive.

I am passionate about helping people with learning disabilities and their families getting a fair deal, and spend a lot of my time talking and thinking about how to make the world a better place!

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