Inclusion North

Jean Riley

Jean Riley

Before I retired I was in business for 47 years. During that time I was also looking after other people’s children which lead to the adoption of two special needs children.

During the long battle to obtain education, health and an acceptable social life for my profoundly disabled daughter I learnt how difficult it was for parents and carers to gain knowledge and help in our disability world. Whilst running my own business I ran two charities that helped adopted institutionalized children and organised international conferences. I learnt that disabled people did not have the same rights and were not treated as equal to the able people. I immediately joined the growing band of people to fight for the rights of disabled people.

I am currently working with the national peer group to help with the implementation of Personal Health Budgets.

I strongly believe in inclusion for all and that all people should be equal citizens in their community.

I believe that Inclusion North are committed to the same beliefs and as a director of Inclusion North I hope to offer any help I can.

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