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What some Advisory Council members say

Gary and Darren are both members of our Advisory Council. This page tells you a bit more about them and what they think about their role.

What some Advisory Council members say

Darren Lee

Darren is a self advocate and NHS volunteer who lives with his mum in Sheffield. He works with BILD helping them with research projects and on issues facing people with learning disabilities. He has also worked with Slimming World in Sheffield to help them make their service accessible.

Darren is a big Sheffield Wednesday fan and enjoys walking, reading, spending time with animals and keeping up with the news.

This is what Darren said about being pert of the Advisory Council:

"Its welcoming - we're all equal and builds confidence while you're there"

"putting your voice with your ideas and experiences helps to make changes"

Gary Stark

Gary is the Co-Chair of the North East Lincolnshire Valuing People Partnership Board.

He lives with his partner in supported living in Stallinborough.

He has been actively involved in peer advocacy for over 9 years, promoting the voice and rights of people with a learning disability in the area. As part of his development in this role he attended the Tomorrows Leaders course run by Inclusion North in 2010. He has now set up a support group for people with special needs.

He is part of the Inclusion North Advisory Council which supports the board of directors to make sure that the work that Inclusion North does is of a good quality and makes things better for people with learning disabilities.

Gary enjoys going out and making new friends.

Gary said:

"I've got more out of Inclusion North helping me set up my own group"

"When the co-chairs come we tell them what to do"

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